Air Conditioner Cleaning and Service Brisbane South

HydroKleen Brisbane South clean air conditioners in Carindale, Camp Hill, Coopers Plains and Brisbane southern suburbs. Air conditioning cleaning and servicing experts.

HydroKleen Brisbane South

HydroKleen Brisbane South

Hi, I’m Andrew Zillman and I’m both the Owner and Technician of HydroKleen Brisbane South. I’m also a Master Electrician and Electrical Contractor and have been helping people and businesses on Brisbane’s Southside save money on their energy bills for over 30 years now. I know how to help you save energy. I have a Diploma in renewable energy and am a CEC accredited Solar Energy Installer, Green Electrician and also hold a Qualified Person’s Refrigerant Handling Licence.

People are always asking me the million dollar question “how can I save money on my energy bills?”

My best tip is logical, and that is to keep all machine types regularly serviced as the initial outlay will save you money in the long run on both energy savings and longevity of the machine. The problem is people generally don’t want to pay to prevent a problem unless it’s affordable.

So my journey began to find an air conditioning servicing and sanitising system which could be affordable for my customers and would do the job properly. The usual strip and clean method is not time efficient nor is it cost effective.

Research led me to this unique newly developed system which was second to none and it ticked all the boxes, the HydroKleen system. So I put HydroKleen to the test on one of my dirtiest units and amazingly it was brought back to looking, smelling and working like new again. I was most impressed with the system as it delivered a premium complete service from start to finish. A HydroKleen is performed without removing the unit from the wall and no decommissioning is required. This makes the procedure less disruptive to the customer and the service and sanitisation can be completed in under 1 hour which makes it affordable.

The results are in and I can now assure you that having your air conditioning unit(s) HydroKleened will not only save you money on your energy bills, but most importantly your health and it’s affordable. Medications and doctor’s bills are also on the rise so don’t let your air conditioning systems make you sick. I often remind landlords and workplaces that they have a statutory obligation to provide clean air from their air conditioning system(s) and HydroKleen can help them remain compliant.

So now a more exciting journey began when I bought the HydroKleen system and my customers are now thanking me every day for it. Mums, dads, child care centres, aged care centres, accommodation facilities, local businesses and air conditioning companies are calling me regularly to HydroKleen their systems for them.

Air quality is now in your hands and you are welcome to hand it over to me.

Put HydroKleen Brisbane South to the challenge! We do not charge to come out and inspect machines, so call us, and if it results in a HydroKleen and it isn’t the most thorough service and clean your machine has every had, then the clean is FREE.