HydroKleen Palmerston

HydroKleen Palmerston clean and service air conditioners in the Palmerston Northern Territory region. Local experts in air conditioning cleaning and servicing.

HydroKleen Palmerston are a locally owned and operated business which understands the importance of friendly efficient service. The territory is one of the toughest locations for air-conditioners as the heavy mould, mildew and bacteria build up in drain pans, along coils and on scroll fans. And with the extreme heat and humidity the air-conditioners, untouched, are over worked and under performing, allowing dirty air to be sent into the room while not cooling as well as it should and sending your power bills in the wrong direction. We want to bring your air-conditioners back to their best which is why we guarantee every clean!

We offer a service not seen in our industry. We are on time (very hard to find in a contractor in Palmerston), we are efficient, and we allow you to visually see where your money is being spent. Nobody likes spending money and wondering what the contractor has done onsite, but with our split system clean, our technician will show you the difference between the clean and dirty air conditioner after he has completed half of the clean.

HydroKleen is a friendly efficient service system, from turning up on time, visually demonstrating the difference between a clean and dirty air conditioner, to cleaning up with our no mess, no splash, policy along with our written Service Checklist and guarantee for every clean, which is unmatched by our competitors. We are striving to be the number one preferred company in the Northern Territory!